Pledge of UK Muay-Thai

All Students we agree to train must honour the various rules and principles of Muay-Thai Kickboxing.  On this page you will learn what pledge you shall take in order to train with Bolton Thai Boxing Club.

The UK Muay Thai Kick Boxing Pledge

All Students will be expected to abide by the following:

I hereby abide to uphold all the principles of Muay-Thai and promise to honour the code of conduct taught by my masters and instructors (Kru)

I will continue to promote and enhance the name of Muay-Thai with great endeavour

I will respect the laws and traditions of Muay-Thai and I understand and appreciate that I am learning a potentially dangerous martial art therefor I promise to respect the art and not to use it unless under extreme provocation where I may be compelled to defend myself, family or friends or in support of law and order.

I will respect and honour my Masters, Instructors, Seniors and my fellow students.

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