My son joined a few months ago at Sandys Thai Boxing Gym, He has been taught the Skill of Thai Boxing & Also has made new friends in the club, The main di#erence I have seen which is mainly down to Sandy’s great Teaching & Paence is the con(dence in my son and also self-respect and a feeling of achievement for my son,


Being a single parent household my son does not have the male contact other boys his age have & attending Sandy’s boxing gym has given him the male interacon along with the praise and consistency that comes with the progression of his training which he now attends twice weekly,


I do believe that Sandy plays a great role not only in my sons life but also in many young children’s lives and also adults lives giving the sense of belonging and also the power to believe in yourself and also Sandy teaches the Thai art of respect to all which is always a good thing in today’s society,


Clubs like Sandy’s should be part of the school curriculum as part of children’s mental health a& wellbeing from an early age giving all children who many are in low income families a chance to prosper and gain valuable skills both mentally and physically,  My son looks forward to his lessons every single week & I’m sure he will slll be attending as a grown adult.


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